Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peace Grocery Bag

I made 3 more grocery bags for my congregation to sell as a fund raiser. I thought it would be fun to make one with a peace symbol. I actually entered a blog about this on the Bagaholics site, here is the link.

It was really fun to make this and of course very gratifying for me to have the time to create and reflect on peace.

When you see this symbol what do you think of? A 60's Hippie throw back?, peace of mind?, inner peace?, working for peace?, what it might take for the world to be at peace?

All of those run through my mind.

May you find peace.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Knitting for kitty and next project

I needed a knitting project for television watching time and to have on hand in case a need arises for a portable project. Our cat loves to sleep on wool, so I found a ball of scrap wool and am knitting her a small blanket. Here she is today checking it out, not finished yet, but she seems to be interested.

My next knitting project will be this hat. (Pinwheel Hat by Mountain Colors Designs) This is an opportunity to get some experience knitting in the round. The hat starts off on round needles and ends up on double pointed needles. I am doing this to get some experience, so I can feel comfortable taking a sock knitting class. I am self teaching here, so we will see how this goes. I can always stop back at the shop or ask a friend for tutoring if I need it.

Serger Club - pillow case

Serger club project last week was a pillow case. This project gave me fits. I guess I still need experience with the 3 thread rolled edge. I actually did the rolled edge on the wrong side when I connected the two pieces of lace, this became a "design element". Then I gave up when I had finished a whole line of sewing only to see that I had about 12 inches that had "escaped". Ripping out rolled edge is not easy and as I was ripping out the escaped hole kept getting larger. The instructor actually finished the repair for me. So, after her efforts I felt compelled to finish the project at home. It turned out nicely, but believe me this pillow case will not be getting a mate!

Curtains for Nathan

I made curtains for Nathan's apartment. He works the PM shift and sleeps till noon'ish most days, so needed some room darkening curtains. The fabric is a nice burnt orange weave, which I lined with a medium weight room darkening lining. The best part, he paid for all of the materials himself. It is nice to be able help my youngest as he sets up a nice home for himself.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Misc. little projects for instant gratification

My sewing time this weekend was taken up with doing a few odd projects, the kind that can be done quickly and are very gratifying when done. I also did some general fussing in the studio.

I made a cell phone carrier for my friend Margaret. She had the highest bid on the crazy quilted bag at our congregation auction. It's nice to know who will be using it. Here is the case and Margaret using the bag today.

I made a dust cover for my sewing machine.

I ran across a piece of the fabric used to make our bedroom curtains, may moons ago. It was just the right size to make a grocery bag for me. I really do like this ol' Waverly fabric.

I also put the mural up on the studio wall that I made last spring just after taking a Spirituality of Creativity class. The technique is based on the creative sewing done by Rosemary Eichorn. I have found her book, The Art of Fabric Collage, fascinating. Click Here for her website.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cabled scarf for Nathan

My first try at cables. I knitted a reversible cable scarf for my son Nathan. The pattern is from the same Ann Norling collection that I used for David's scarf. Here
I used Galway Highland Heather yarn in a greenish color called Heather. Nathan is very happy with it, as you can see. I finished this just in time, today it was 71 degrees. Winter is not over though, so I am assuming he will get some use out of it yet this season.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Black and White Museum Bag

Here's the raw material, lots of black and white prints and another pattern from Barbara Randle's Crazy Quilting with Attitude book. This bag is called a Museum Bag.

I think it turned out really cute and was fun and fast to make. I will use it this evening at the auction where my tote bag (below) will be auctioned.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dragonfly crazy quilt bag

It's done. With lots of embellishment and trim, it goes to a congregation auction this Saturday. I hope it raises a decent sum. I have put $60 as the minimum bid. The bag has four outside pockets, each with crazy quilting. I put on a spider and web, for good luck and lots of buttons.