Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peace Grocery Bag

I made 3 more grocery bags for my congregation to sell as a fund raiser. I thought it would be fun to make one with a peace symbol. I actually entered a blog about this on the Bagaholics site, here is the link.

It was really fun to make this and of course very gratifying for me to have the time to create and reflect on peace.

When you see this symbol what do you think of? A 60's Hippie throw back?, peace of mind?, inner peace?, working for peace?, what it might take for the world to be at peace?

All of those run through my mind.

May you find peace.


  1. Wow - you really are a bagaholic! That's generous of you to make bags to sell for your church. The scrappy circle really makes the bag. I like how you free-motioned through the center of the patches. Cute!

  2. Denise, here is a Buddhist meditation that was printed recently in the ICPJ newsletter. I thought it would be a nice thing to share here:

    I am Peace, surrounded by Peace, secure in Peace.
    Peace protects me, Peace supports me, Peace is in me.
    Peace is mine -- all is well.

    Peace to all beings, Peace among all beings, Peace from all beings.
    I am steeped in Peace, absorbed in Peace.
    In the streets, at our work, having peaceful thoughts, peaceful works, peaceful acts.