Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vacation sewing

Fun times ahead,
I am off tomorrow am for a week up north. There should be time to sew, so what to pack? I want to have enough to work on, if I have the time and inclination, but can't take the whole studio. Here's what I am taking:
1. Materials to finish the commissioned crazy quilt bag.
2. Assortment of pink/mauve fabrics to make a tea cozy for a woman I met at Margaret and Cathy's high tea.
3. Some cute fabric with tea pots and words like: Twist and Spout, Read my Leaves, Neferti-Tea, etc. This is to become a tea cozy for the cottage. And maybe a pot holder or two.
4. Simplicity 3786 and some nice white eyelet fabric. I would like to make the short sleeved top with the tucks on my vacation week.
5. McCall's 4384 and a poly print with beige, black and cream. I would like to just get this one cut out.
6. The hat that I am still knitting.
7. Two sewing machines, my Singer featherweight and my old standby Viking 400.
8. Thread, pins, interfacing, lace, batting, etc.

I think that should be enough, I do want to relax, kayak, garden, relax, visit people, relax, walk outdoors, etc.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Commisioned Bag in progress

I have been asked to make a crazy quilt bag similar to this one, as a going away gift for our interim minister. The people who asked me to do this paid for the materials, I am doing the sewing as my contribution to the gift.
The fabric colors and trim that I started with can be seen to the right.

The pieces of the bag are below. From left to right, side pocket, front pocket, flap and handle, side pocket and back pocket. I plan to finish this next week while I am on vacation at the cottage.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flower power skirt

I made a Simplicity 3841 skirt from some fabric that called to me at Joann's. It reminds me of the flower power days, we won't mention just how many years ago that was. I love the cheerfulness of these daisy's. This pattern was a snap to do, one pattern piece. It fits nicely and hangs well. I opted to leave the pleats soft. Can't wait to wear it this week with my hot pink twin set.

Apron for Matt and Jennifer

I did end up making an apron to match the heart shaped pot holders for Matt and Jennifer's shower. Matt was at the shower helping to open gifts, so agreed to model the apron. I was able to use some gigantic rick rack for trim, this is something I had from my late mother's sewing supplies. I can only wonder what she may have had in mind for this large rick rack. She was a clown, so maybe it was to be used for a clown accessory. It is nice to pass a little bit of the Grandma Audrey connection on with this apron gift to Matt and Jennifer.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Heart shaped pot holders

I made a bunch of these heart shaped pot holders for Andrew and Sarah's wedding shower about a year and a half ago and gave them away as shower favors. Now my nephew Matthew is getting married on 7/7/07 and my sister suggested that a couple of heart shape pot holders would be nice for their shower. Their colors and blue and gray, I found these vintage prints, here they are.
It's hard to see by this photo but the two sides of the heart are separate, that's where you can slip in your finger tips for picking up the edges of something hot.
I think an apron would be nice to go along with them, I will have to ask my sister if Matthew or Jennifer are the apron wearing type.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Matching aprons for high tea

My friends Margaret and Cathy hosted a high tea and thought it would be nice to have matching aprons. They bought a very sweet blue flower print and asked me to help out. I used out of print Simplicity pattern 8698. I added some eyelet lace around the pocket, blue rick rack along the bottom and topped the aprons off with white vintage buttons at the top.

While I was at it I thought a matching tea cozy would really add nicely to the mix. I copied a tea cozy that I have that is from England, a Liberty of London pansy print.

Well anyway, here they are in their aprons. I think they look just lovely. There is also a photo of the splendid table that they prepared. It was a delicious and very enjoyable tea. We feasted on Margaret's famous scones, cucumber sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, cream puffs, strawberries, and poppy seed bread. All very yummy. Thank you Margaret and Cathy, high tea hostesses extroidinairre.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Knitting accessory bag for Sarah

I made a small accessory bag for my daughter in law to store her circular knitting needles. The rick rack that I used for the top I made recently matched these fabrics very well, it's so nice to be able to continue to use materials from my stash.
The bag she has on her shoulder is Thelma's Knitting Bag from Favorite Things Patterns. I made it awhile ago, it is an interesting pattern as it has an expandable feature, a zipper inside that when up zipped allows the bag to expand to the larger size in the photo.

Inspired by Sarah, I have been working on expanding my knitting skills. It's nice to have a hobby in common with my wonderful daughter in law. : )