Monday, August 27, 2007

Sewing tool made by a blacksmith

We had a weekend up north and attended a blacksmith event at Hartwick Pines State Park. Among the items for sale, to my surprise, I found this corner turner made by Owen Creteau from CJ Forge . The blacksmith's wife is sewer and she asked him to make one of these for her. He also made a awl, but it looked a bit too lethal for me.

My husband is an amateur artist blacksmith, his copy of the design is on the right. What a step up from the plastic corner turners that I am used to.

While up north I did make some progress on the diaper bag for Jessica. She will be having a baby girl on October 1st. The raw edges of the pockets will be covered by the handles.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More sewing on cards

A co-worker took a new job and a group of us bought her a gift card. I made this card for her to hold the gift. She is a diver, so I went for the greens and blues to create a sort of underwater scene. It looks like a place a fish may be hiding in. I lined the inside of the card with another piece of card stock, which allowed people to write messages on both the upper and lower insides. The little bit on the envelope is sewn together and then glued on. I also glued a row of the green rick rack on the outside envelope flap.

This is a very enjoyable process, using just little bits from your stash, pulling from it for color and pattern. I keep a plastic bag in my sewing studio and add little scraps to it as I sew, my mini scrap stash. This allows me to sort of paint with fabric. I love how the frayed ends add to the design.

Another nice part of this process is how it allows you time to think of the recipient and what they may like, the purpose of the card, and what you wish for them.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Diaper Bag and Remodeling Sewing Plans

I am making this diaper bag pattern with the fabrics in the photo for a friends daughter. The pattern is from a company called Bar-Bee Designs in Wisconsin. I couldn't find any web address for them. I got the pattern at my local quilt shop.

The front pocket is a 10 inch quilted square, pattern of your own choosing. I thought and thought and ended up with my favorite, a crazy quilted square. I brought in some other colors from my stash, and got to include a slice of polka dot (of course).
The pattern has lots of pockets of course and also has two zippered pockets that are within the the larger pockets. I will post more as I go along. The baby is coming via c-section on October 1st, so I have to keep at this.

That's all the sewing I got in this weekend. We are remodeling our bedroom, bathroom and hall. We have selected some Waverly fabrics for the bathroom and the bedroom. The bathroom shower and window curtain will be Waverly Grand Central in pewter. This print is really fun and will blend nicely with the black and white tile and gray counter top.

For the bedroom, I am planning to use this Waverly Garden Images Magnolia print in sage. I ordered a small amount of the complimentary print below for pillows.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

purse refinements, rick rack then and now, mini collage

I cannot post many of the projects that I am working on right now as they are gifts to be given out and the recipient(s) aren't even expecting gifts. So will post those items later.

I added a cell phone pocket to my polka dot clown purse. At first I put it up near the top, but that weighted down the purse side, pulling it in. So then moved it to the bottom. I also added a wide pocket with rick rack trim and a button.

The rick rack was from a flea market $1 bag. This rick rack is 100% cotton and sold for 15 cents for a 4 yard package. My most recent rick rack purchase sold at Wal Mart for about $1.08, is polyester and is only 2 1/2 yards. Here is an interesting then and now shot of the packages. I kinda prefer the package with Mr. Wright, he looks so serious, "get out that machine and make something girl, God gave you the time and the talent, get to it!". While the more modern Ms. Wright looks a little spacey to me, she doesn't look like she is at all sure what she will do with this rick rack or if she even likes to sew.

While sewing I noticed my glass of tea was sweating on my sewing table, so made up a quick sewing studio coaster. This is a mini fabric collage. Here it is in action. Oops, there is a fabric in the background that is being used for a gift. Just a tease, I wonder who that could be for?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

race cars and dish cloths

I went on a long weekend to Rally West Virginia to be part of my son's pit crew. That's Andrew on the left and his co-driver Michael on the right. My specialty was making sandwiches. In thinking of what I could take along to do in the down time hours I decided to take cotton yarn and some dish cloth patterns.

The patterns I found at the Dishcloth Boutique here. The green one is called Moss Diamonds. The pattern was worked out over a 10 row repeat, I had to pay attention to where I was. Some ripping out was needed on this one when I got off track. The other one, here on the hotel window sill, is a basic checkered dishcloth, it was fun to make and much easier to follow the basic perl 5 knit 5 pattern.

I gave the dish cloths to my daughter in law Sarah. She looks a little tired in this photo, being a rally pit crew member in 90+ degree heat is draining.

After our time in WVA we went to Western Maryland to visit my husband's step mom. I made a basic Grandmother's Favorite for Wilma. Wilma is 92 and was quite the sewist in her day. She had triplet daughters, 69 years ago. Wilma made most of their clothes, starting out with their infant nightgowns and on up to prom dresses. Imagine, 3 of everything! Wilma shared many great stories of the creations she made for her girls.

After finishing the basic one I started another more complicated design, this one is called Baby Fern Stitch. I have had to make a few recovery stitches in some places, so it is not exactly to the pattern. I just remind myself that this is a dishcloth. This little item will be a worker cloth, this puts it all in perspective.