Thursday, August 23, 2007

More sewing on cards

A co-worker took a new job and a group of us bought her a gift card. I made this card for her to hold the gift. She is a diver, so I went for the greens and blues to create a sort of underwater scene. It looks like a place a fish may be hiding in. I lined the inside of the card with another piece of card stock, which allowed people to write messages on both the upper and lower insides. The little bit on the envelope is sewn together and then glued on. I also glued a row of the green rick rack on the outside envelope flap.

This is a very enjoyable process, using just little bits from your stash, pulling from it for color and pattern. I keep a plastic bag in my sewing studio and add little scraps to it as I sew, my mini scrap stash. This allows me to sort of paint with fabric. I love how the frayed ends add to the design.

Another nice part of this process is how it allows you time to think of the recipient and what they may like, the purpose of the card, and what you wish for them.

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