Wednesday, August 8, 2007

race cars and dish cloths

I went on a long weekend to Rally West Virginia to be part of my son's pit crew. That's Andrew on the left and his co-driver Michael on the right. My specialty was making sandwiches. In thinking of what I could take along to do in the down time hours I decided to take cotton yarn and some dish cloth patterns.

The patterns I found at the Dishcloth Boutique here. The green one is called Moss Diamonds. The pattern was worked out over a 10 row repeat, I had to pay attention to where I was. Some ripping out was needed on this one when I got off track. The other one, here on the hotel window sill, is a basic checkered dishcloth, it was fun to make and much easier to follow the basic perl 5 knit 5 pattern.

I gave the dish cloths to my daughter in law Sarah. She looks a little tired in this photo, being a rally pit crew member in 90+ degree heat is draining.

After our time in WVA we went to Western Maryland to visit my husband's step mom. I made a basic Grandmother's Favorite for Wilma. Wilma is 92 and was quite the sewist in her day. She had triplet daughters, 69 years ago. Wilma made most of their clothes, starting out with their infant nightgowns and on up to prom dresses. Imagine, 3 of everything! Wilma shared many great stories of the creations she made for her girls.

After finishing the basic one I started another more complicated design, this one is called Baby Fern Stitch. I have had to make a few recovery stitches in some places, so it is not exactly to the pattern. I just remind myself that this is a dishcloth. This little item will be a worker cloth, this puts it all in perspective.

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