Thursday, August 16, 2007

purse refinements, rick rack then and now, mini collage

I cannot post many of the projects that I am working on right now as they are gifts to be given out and the recipient(s) aren't even expecting gifts. So will post those items later.

I added a cell phone pocket to my polka dot clown purse. At first I put it up near the top, but that weighted down the purse side, pulling it in. So then moved it to the bottom. I also added a wide pocket with rick rack trim and a button.

The rick rack was from a flea market $1 bag. This rick rack is 100% cotton and sold for 15 cents for a 4 yard package. My most recent rick rack purchase sold at Wal Mart for about $1.08, is polyester and is only 2 1/2 yards. Here is an interesting then and now shot of the packages. I kinda prefer the package with Mr. Wright, he looks so serious, "get out that machine and make something girl, God gave you the time and the talent, get to it!". While the more modern Ms. Wright looks a little spacey to me, she doesn't look like she is at all sure what she will do with this rick rack or if she even likes to sew.

While sewing I noticed my glass of tea was sweating on my sewing table, so made up a quick sewing studio coaster. This is a mini fabric collage. Here it is in action. Oops, there is a fabric in the background that is being used for a gift. Just a tease, I wonder who that could be for?

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  1. Moving the cell pocket down was a good move. Before I started putting a flap over my diaper bag cell pocket, my cell phone was falling out at the worst times - like when I was leaning over to pick up a child's shoe... The way that you have it, it's less likely to fall out. :o)