Sunday, January 4, 2009

Creative Every Day

I have joined the Creative Every Day 2009 challenge. A very low key group. I want to use this commitment to spur me to get to the sewing room/studio more often and with less expectation and judgment. The theme for January is Play. We hosted an open house recently and in preparation for the "play" I found it necessary do some sewing projects.

In the waning hours before the event, a couple of things suddenly became an eye sore (to me) when contemplating entertaining. Items of very minuscule import that most probably only enter my consciousness. I do feel better having made them and will enjoy them.

1. Made a new set of oven mitts. (This fabric is from old bedroom curtains, at least 20 years old, a classic and durable Waverly print)

2. Recovered a very tattered chair seat:

3. Make a table mat to cover an unattractive table top.

So here's to a year filled with projects large and small that meet the challenge of infusing my life with creativity.

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