Sunday, January 11, 2009

The black and white quilt

Spoiler alert - Sarah.

I just couldn't resist posting some photos of the finished quilt. I wanted to make a large lap quilt, it ended up 80 inches long and 60.5 inches wide. I think that is almost twin bed size, so it should be plenty large enough to snuggle under while lounging on the couch. It remains to be seen how it functions in the environment with their black dog (who sheds a lot), I hope it all blends in nicely. : )

Here is the quilt being held up by my husband. The next shot is the back. I did not have enough of the black fabric that I purchased, so made a wide strip from the fabrics used in the quilt top.

The label is shown here.

I also wanted to mention that I adapted the pattern for this quilt from one in Modern Art With Fabric by Debbie Maddy, published in 2007. I used her lap quilt pattern but made it about 1/3 larger. Here's a link to her web site, it's called Calico Carriage.

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  1. Just gorgeous! The back is almost as attractive as the front!