Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blue's for Margaret and Cathy

I made a small bag for Margaret as a birthday gift, I forget to take a photo of it. Here she is today modeling it. The theme is blue / water. Can you see the fish?

I also made a special bag for Cathy, who had a milestone birthday today. This bag is also along the blue/water theme. It is a lot larger than the bag I made for Margaret, note the tape measure for scale. I added some fabric that I have with musical notes as Cathy can sign beautifully. It is embellished with buttons and blue/green yarn in swirls. Some of the pieces Cathy will recognize: one from an apron that I made for her; one from a scrap that she gave me after mending a dress for her mother; one from Margaret's stash; and one from Barbara's daughters dress from long ago. The dark blue polka dot at the base of the bag is material Cathy brought to me from Transylvania. I added a few of my favorites too.

It is really fun to pull these bits together, blending color and memories. Piecing on many levels.

When you are ready to give a gift like this to someone, how do you wrap it up? Paper? No way!
Here I took a rectangle of the scrap from Cathy, pinked the edges and sewed along the edge with a serpentine stitch. Yarn and ribbon scraps make a beautiful bow.

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  1. I love my bag! Thank you so very much!