Saturday, July 12, 2008

Burda Top / Jacket

I have had this Burda 8478 pattern for quite awhile and finally made this up in May. I believe the Burda 8478 is out of print but the same pattern is also available as Vogue 8090. I was attracted to the asymmetrical bottom on the front and the overlap on the back.

I purchased a very nice cotton but was not sure it would have enough body for this garment, so I underlined the whole garment with a lightweight lining material.

I am wearing the top here over shorts and a T shirt, not how I have been wearing this, but I had a photographer available and did this quickly.

The pattern calls for one large button for closure, I found this beautiful shell button.The fabric is pretty dark in value so even though I made it for summer wear I find that I am feeling I may wear it more in the fall.

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