Saturday, June 30, 2007

A new bag and an attempt to capture the gallery

I finished a new bag today, really a purse. It is from Butterick 3873, made with oval handles instead of round. These oval bamboo handles looked interesting to work with, and I had some of the dragon fly fabric from a bag I made awhile ago. This pattern is very easy, although sewing around the handles is a bit tricky.

I have enjoyed the Bag Gallery that Linda posted at Craft Apple and was inspired to try to photograph my own hand made collection. Not as easy as one would think. I gathered about 13 bags of various sizes and then just could not settle on a method of hanging and displaying them all together that I liked.

So here are some vignettes. First of all, the smallest ones. One mini grocery bag from my tutorial, one small cosmetic bag, and a Humbug bag.
Now, my two small over the shoulder bags. The black and white crazy quilted one I have posted about before. The red one is fabric left over from a jacket I made, the pattern is from the Pacific Purse Collection, pattern # 201, view D. These two bags most often go with me to special outings or the theater, I try to get opportunities to use them as often as possible!

Now the big guys, the working bags. Used for lugging stuff back and forth, for bringing more stuff home and for keeping stuff in it's own space while here at home.

This one I call my ugly button bag and is used to go back and forth to work each day. I don't really think the buttons are ugly, just very odd.

One more close up, this bag is what I use for my knitting. I was inspired to do the button embroidery on the pocket by an article in Threads magazine, Aug/Sept 2006.
Phew, that's it for now. Now back to the sewing machine...

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  1. Neat collection! I'd definitely say you're a bagaholic. And I displayed my bags several different ways and spent WAY too much time on the photoshoot before I got it the way I liked it. :o) I have several yards of that dragonfly fabric just sitting in my bedroom. I need to give it away. It was going to be window treatments, and then I changed my mind. Very pretty, though, and it goes nicely with the Bamboo handles.