Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A little gift for a generous person

There is a woman at my serger club that brings cookies to share for every class. She also often brings old sewing magazines to pass along. Last class she brought Threads magazine from 1997-98. I have subscribed to Threads on and off and did not subscribe for those years. What a wonderful treat for me. I love pouring over these magazines, they are timeless and packed with good information and inspiration. So here is a little cosmetic bag that I plan to give to Linda in thanks for her generosity.

This is made out of the brassiere fabric that I had seen on line somewhere and had no idea that I could purchase at my local quilting fabric store. I think it is just so fun. And as you can see it goes wonderfully with polka dot fabric, another of my personal favorites. The pattern for this little bag is from Made for Travel by Mary Mulari, a book full of great patterns for travel and special journeys. This little "Bedside Bag" can be made in 3 different sizes, this is the smallest one. I have a small one that I made for myself that I use to transport my pills when I travel.
I hope Linda will find a use for this little one.

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  1. Hi, I love the little bag you made (also the ones that are in the old post, specially the one with the olives).

    Hand made presents are my favorites, I'm sure your friend will be delighted.

    Greetings from Gainesville.