Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dress for a woman in Zambia

I made a dress to contribute to an AIDS hospital in Zambia. I met a woman at a convention who's church is supporting the Ranchod Hospital. One of the ways of supporting the hospital is to make dresses for the women at the hospital. Here's the link to explain the nightgown work. The project uses Simplicity pattern 4048, view C. They recommend that you make the nightgown about 4 inches shorter than the pattern and that you add pockets for the women to use. I added two pockets, and made them a pretty good size.
I loved doing this and thinking about the woman that will be wearing this. What she and I may have in common, what her life is like, hoping that she will get comfort and rest while she wears this. I plan to write a note to her and put it in the pocket of the dress.


  1. Hey, thank you for sharing. I want to join and make a dress too. Hope it is not too late since I am just finding your blog now in Nov 2009. Ok, gonna go look up the link.

  2. This is wonderful..My name is Carla Feldhamer and I am one of the women from the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship that was at the conference booth in Houston. What you have done is so wonderful and I hope that the word gets around. We just collected and sent 96 boxes of medical supplies and books for Ranchhod. We received free shipping from a non-for -profit group called Children's International. Please keep in touch with