Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter sunrise

I am working on trying to capture winter sunrise in a small fabric wall quilt. Here is a photo that I am using for inspiration. This is a scene that I pass on my way to work in the morning, as I drive east.

Here is my attempt, so far, to capture the sunrise.

I don't have the photography equipment to do the colors justice here, they look much more muted in this photo. There is a lot of gray here in the winter, appropriate I suppose.

Next I have to decide how to add the trees. A minister at my congregation referred to the trees against the winter sky as "brown lace". I like that comparison. I don't plan to use lace literally but do want to capture the wispy pattern of the sleeping winter trees.

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  1. Denise, I found your site and love this project! It's quite inspirational. Your work is BEAUTIFUL. Your blog is fun and very interesting. It was nice meeting you at the Farmer's Market today and I look forward to watching the progress of this project and your blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Houston.