Monday, August 18, 2008

Tablecloth and the American Lotus

I didn't get very much sewing done this weekend. I did manage to whip up this table cloth. The fabric is from curtains that hung in our bedroom for about 20 years. It is a Waverly cotton, I washed the curtains after taking them down and the fabric is still in very good shape. I used my serger to add a narrow rolled hem, using red thread. I think it took more time to thread the machine than to do the sewing. I still have a lot of this fabric, perhaps I should make some table napkins?

My sewing plans for Sunday were sacrificed for a trip to see the American Lotus in bloom at Lake Erie state park. What a beautiful plant, large leaves and a gorgeous bloom. A native lotus, very special. Check out the size of those leaves.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Table runner and insomnia pot holder

We had a neighborhood party this weekend and I decided I needed a table runner that matched our decor a little better. I had a little bit of the fabric left from my apron and kitchen curtains and had fun deciding which colors to add. Of course I incorporated a polka dot from the stash. The greenish strip is a scrap from my mother's stash. Any reminder of Mom is always good for me. It feels like it really belongs in my home.

The evening after I made the runner I had insomnia and decided to stop fighting it and got up to do so simple sewing. I made the pot holder with the scraps that were still laying about in the studio.

Now I have curtains, an apron, a table runner and a pot holder that all coordinate. Martha Stewart has nothing on me!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Up north sewing extravanganza

While up north at our cottage I had 4 teen or pre-teen girls visiting who all wanted to "sew something". My two sisters were also there, so we had plenty of coaches. I used my standard grocery bag pattern, made it a bit narrower and and instructed them in making a lined bag. They were all quick learners and very handy. I also had this tutorial printed out and a selection of zippers. I had my polka dot stash on hand and my sister brought a collection of cottons as well. Between the four girls they made 10 bags. At one point I noticed a lot of pins flying around, so I showed them how to make simple pin cushions. What fun we had! The girls really enjoyed making the tote bags, they made ones for themselves, for other family members and for friends.
I have heard that there was a trip to Joann fabric after getting home, more fabric purchased and more bags made!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sewing with Mackenzie

I made a top from Simplicity 2962 with my grand niece Mackenzie. She did the cutting out and got the garment done through the pockets. I added the yoke, as that was pretty advanced for her. I love her choice of fabric and colors. Isn't she darling?

I posted a pattern review for this top on Pattern Review.

Mackenzie also made two tote bags entirely on her own. Here she is at the machine. It is such a pleasure to share my love of sewing with the younger generation. More on the tote bag making extravaganza in the next post.

Rally co-driver accessory

I made a paper and pencil holder for my son's co-driver awhile ago. See post here. My son's previous co-driver didn't actually strap it to his leg, but Ryan, the new co-driver, found it very useful. It is made of denim and has Velcro on the straps that go around the back of the leg. I attended the Rally West Virginia race on Aug 1-2 and got to see the item in use. This allows the co-driver to get to his pencil or pen easily during the race, and the pocket holds a small notebook or papers as needed.
Ryan was very pleased with this item and said that several other co-drivers would be interested in getting one. I am not sure if I will make more, I did not save any notes on the dimensions or the design. I will see if any requests come my way.

Here's a shot of my son Andrew and Ryan just before heading out for the start of a rally stage.