Sunday, March 9, 2008

Greeting Cards

I made three cards, using my very basic sewing on cards method. I keep a plastic zip top blanket bag in my sewing room that I use to collect very small fabric scraps. I have put enough bits in there over the last year to have just about every color one could want.

Here's my very simple method:
1. Select the colors that appeal to you for the card. I like to let the scraps speak to me if possible, sometimes letting a found shape lead the way in the design.
2. Iron the scraps flat.
3. Assemble on the card front as you find pleasing.
4. Glue them down with a glue stick, just enough to hold them in place.
5. Sew the scraps down with lines, wavy or straight.
6. Pull all threads to the back of the card.

7. Cut another card in half and glue that over the threads on the inside cover of the card.

8. You are done.!

Here are all three cards, sorry that my pictures are a bit blurry. I took them with no flash.

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