Monday, September 3, 2007

The diaper bag comes to life!

I have finished the diaper bag, what a fun project. This bag has 4 outer pockets, 4 inner pockets, and 2 zipper pockets - one underneath the fancy outer pocket and one in the lining. That should cover all the needed spots for mom and baby stuff.

Here are some more shots along the way. Here is the lining with all the pockets attached, ready to sew up the sides and bottom.

This is the outer bag, all done and waiting for the lining to be finished.

This is the birthing of the bag! (sorry I could not resist including this) The lining is sewn to the outer bag at the top and then the whole thing gets turned inside out through a 6 inch hole in the side of the lining. This is the funnest part of making a lined bag. : )

Anyway, here she is all done, hanging out in the garden with the dahlias.

The back view and inside views follow...

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