Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bias Tape bag

I ran into this tutorial for a bias tape bag and wanted to make one up as an example bag. I will be on vacation next week and my grand niece is visiting. I was thinking this might be a good bag to make with her. It is a breeze to make, I made my own bias tape and lined both the bag and the handles with fusible fleece to give the whole thing more body.

I added a pocket to the inside and found a nice yellow vintage button for the pocket closure. The bag is probably a bit too large for a pre-teen. But this way I will have something to show her and she can decide if she wants to make one up and what size would work for her.

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  1. My neice came last week and she made one of Heather Bailey's headbands while she was here. She's 15 but it still took a couple of hours and it was nice to spend some time with her sewing. :o) Isn't it nice to bond with other girls/women while sewing?