Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bags for the twins and Katy makes a purse

I am back to bag making, I just couldn't resist making book bags for my grand niece and nephews 1st birthday party today. Kyle and Angela are now 1 year old and very chubby, healthy babies. They were born very premature, both weighing just over 1 pound. So we all celebrate today, for their progress and for the medical miracles that enabled this wonderful outcome.

While I was working on the bags this morning my friend stopped by with her daughters. Katy was particularly interested in the flowers that I was making by making fabric yo-yo's. She asked if she could make one and I said of course. She took to the sewing like a duck to water and before I knew it she was threading her own needle and running my sewing machine. She selected all of the fabric and thread colors and strap material from items in my stash. What a cute purse she ended up with! I really enjoyed teaching her, it was surprisingly easy. I think she is a natural. As she was leaving we discussed what her next projects might be, she is thinking she would like to make a birthday purse and winter season purse. Oh yes, she is a seamstress at heart. What fun it was to share the creative experience with this budding talent.

Here are two links on how to make fabric Yo-Yos - Home Sewing Association and on Heather Bailey's web site.

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